:when god's whispers:

What God has been speaking to me has not been a secret. God hasn't been throwing curve balls my way, nor has He been using Morse code with me. It's been very simple, to the point, and well.. Blunt really.

"I am going to impact the nations through 180"

Wow. More than twice since taking over leadership in 180, God has strongly moved in my spirit that 180 is not a silly group meant to just waste a Saturday night. No... Not in the least. We are to build people who are going to change the city, the nation, the world... do you believe that? do you believe that you are not just part of a group? but part of God's master plan?

I believe with all my heart that the reason some people never become significant or influential in Jesus name is because their vision is not big enough. Acutally, forget in Jesus name, all people never have a significance because they don't have sufficient Vision. I've placed a goal and vision in the word that God has given me. Repeatedly.

"Change the world in Jesus name"

I never once kidded with myself. I believe that out of 180 will raise up group of people with such humility, such anointing, such a burden, that they will be able to make an impact on the world. My role is to get us to that point where we as a ministry understand that.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." -John 12:13

This has been burning in my heart since Saturday. Literally burning. The love I have for the people in 180 can be shown in numerous ways, care, time, prayers, service... But I will say this. Myself, and soon to be Janice, have taken up the mantle of laying down our lives for a certain period of time for the people of 180 specifically. I have no career path, no ambition, no desire to succeed in worldly terms.. I have given all that up to be planted in THIS church, in THIS time, for THIS CAUSE. I look out everyday over the business district everyday from my cubicle and it gives me a harsh reminder of the average person that graduated from my class in university. They simply recieve more money in one month than i receive in 8. My own family reeks of success and stability. there are people in 180 who make more in their bonus than i do in almost a year. HA! i laugh at it all. SO what! i get to pray for strongholds to come down, i pray for God's gifts to be released in individuals, i get to lead people in praying a salvation prayer EVERY SINGLE WEEK. what more do i need?

Sacrificing my life, not in terms of hurling myself in front of a bus to save an old lady, that's easy.. But in terms of giving up what I could be, for what I'm doing... That is a much harder sacrifice. Yet it's easy. To see lives changed by the Holy Spirit, to see people discipled, to see leaders trained, to see desires and ambitions come under the Reign of Jesus... This is what I live for. I know Janice is right there with me.

God whispered to me............

"it is time"

It IS the time. NOW. I am the leader for the Victory. I have a quiet confidence to say that. So what if I'm wrong. Janice and I would rather fail trying for this ultimate goal, then lead a ministry that's just there doing nothing.

It is time.


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