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"you are very marketable"

I bumped into an acquaintance from seminary recently and she knew snippets of my story.  Knowing that I was very close to graduation, she asked what my plan was.  As I begun to engage in small talk, she said with conviction, "I wonder where you will go, you are very marketable." 
I was struck by here words, and while we talked I was unable to focus because I was.. well... flattered.

It was something that was on my mine at that specific moment because I had just finished a dinner with minister and director of a charity in Hong Kong who was on a search committee for his church.  We went to dinner together was because he was a friend of Janice's family, but there was some talk of if I would be interested in pastoring the church he was part of.

"excuse me?  you wanted to know if I wanted to pastor your church?"

Look, I've been a student for over 3 years now, and it'll be 4 before I start my next job.  I've been constantly rubbing shoulders with people w…

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