:photoblog time:

the first 6 pictures are from our crazy joint event with some youth groups in HK. crazy worship, live music in the lounge, great food, and then we got a DJ in from an up and coming club and turned the church into a bumping club. here's some pix...

as it goes with young whippets, a circle formed where the kiddies were trying to dance battle with their power moves and lame uprocking. i came in there and did my signature "check myself out in mirror" move. first time caught on film.

aerial shot of our holy sanctuary where the spirit of the lord rests... and home to the best and 100% clean club you've ever seen

This is Dave. he demolished the circle with some crazy moves, then topped it all off with the classic but lethal caterpillar

live music set from my perspective

funky lights with the strobe..

the smoke was from the smoke machine, OK!?!?!

and this was janice... at home, cutting onions.. and not wanting to cry, so we dug out my brothers snow boarding goggles, and guess what? no tears...

i have exactly 14 days until i get married. i can't wait, but i'm SO freaked out too... WOAH!!!!!


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