all things equal, it's been a week. all i have to say is that 180, the vine, and my life just seems to be going crazy.

our church, the vine christian fellowship, decided to pull it's resources and do whatever it takes to see friends and family have some sort of interation with the one we call saviour. tens of thousands of dollars, weeks of stressful planning, last minute RSVPs and whole tables pulling out, only to be balanced out by whole tables agreeing last minute.

by anyone's account it was a largely sucsessful night. no one could complain. the Vine, when it can pull resources and is given a direction, God can use this church to do amazing things. we had roughly 700 people at dinner. 700! for a dinner... that's never been done in Hong Kong, or all of China for that matter.


i look on to my church, 180, alpha... even to things i have no direct input over, Flight, vine worship, primetime... even things that i have never been to which i follow closely, Abundant life church, hillsong london... wherever i look, things are growing, getting deeper, claiming more land for god.

but i look over to left and right and see the world completely falling deeper into.. well.. it self really.

i have been given a life purpose by god to fully uphold his 2 greatest commandments, to love the lord god with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength and to love my neighbour as i love myself. i have been given life goals. i know that this will change over time, but 3 of my goals are simple, to be a disciple of Christ, to disciple others in Christ, and to inspire those around me. these of course currently fall under the parameters of my church, or 180, of my friendships, and most importantly my wife and family.

so here i am. i have just passed my 1 year mark as leader of a ministry that has grown wonderfully, yet has as many holes in it than a block of swiss cheese. i took a vow to never overlook the fact that the ministry that god has asked Janice and i to steward is so far from perfect, or even good. yet we fight, we lead, we sacrifice.

with a reluctant heart i rose to the call... knowing full well that i will never be as good a leader as i wished, but i try. yet, when i look back to how some individuals have matured, how god has brought some amazing people around us, and how this church has a vision that is so big that God has to intervene... for me, after only leading for 12 months.. if God has already done this much in such a short time.. then who knows what will happen in the next 12.

as i've just reflected somewhat on the months gone by, i can't wait for the next few to come. if you're reading and you're in my life, i can't thank you enough for your support and your friendship. watch this space... as far as i'm concerned, then Lord has just started His work in and through me. -amen"


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