:Global Lounge, HKU:

I'm sitting in the Global Lounge of HKU, and I'm pretty impressed.

So this is janice second day of grad school, and I'm enjoying it with her. I came in to see what HKG's best U has to offer.

my my my, its not too shabby.

So the campus is on a hill, and was not with any sort of inclination towards representing a uni campus. it's like an urban planner was working late at night, and violently sneezed while drawing up the map, and then said, "Screw it, i'll go with this." So its a nightmare to get around. Being adventurous I walked through about 30 flights of stairs until I finally found the right building. I doubled back on myself 3 times in certain areas, was lost twice... what i thought was funny was i passed this booth for potential leadership training... i applied for this in college and i was turned down (bastards!) and here i was, 7 years later in another uni getting lost right in front of these 'leaders'. But anyways, FINALLY, here I am chilling in a nice lounge with a nice seat, free water and 7 tvs for me to watch and now I know it has wifi and powerpoints. Everything here is super cheap as well so this will now be my Monday arvo hang out.

Ok, "this-was-my-day" part over, let's talk feelings.

Over the past few weeks I've been real excited for janice. You see, I left my uni on a horrible note. I was basically expelled, due to an undying thrist for certain mind expanding drugs. So it has and will forever leave me with a scar. To be honest I now know I wasn't ready for that life. If I were to go now, I would be infinitely wiser, and i'll have something to prove... So it'll be MUCH different.

Anyways... So its weird to be back in a uni experience. Although it is worlds different from university of michigan... Its still a uni, which means there are certain things that are universal. With so many young people around I can't help but see ripe ground for Jesus to be lifted high, but at the same time I can see why uni people are one of the hardest demographics to reach...

Like I said, I wasn't ready to go to uni... I was too sheltered, too much of a baby to go.. But after 6 years of working, finding Christ, leading a ministry and most importantly getting married to an awesome woman... I look at uni and uni life with new eyes.

I don't know what god has for me in terms of finishing my degree and attending seminary... But I know what I secretly dream of...

So while I sit in a uni lounge, with a great vibe, surprisingly good music, and a comfortable seat... I sit and do what I excelled at when I was last a student... Drink coffee and people watch.

At least I can enjoy being a pseudo student for about 5 hours every monday.... And enjoy it I will!


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