:what i've been missing in my life:

i think everyone sees life from a different angle when they are on holiday.

so before i get anywhere let me apologise to everyone who thought that this site was dead. it's not, i'm back. woop woop.

so in the late afternoon on a beautiful fall sunday afternoon, Janice and i touched down on beautiful vancouver (YVR). in about 36 hours i've realised that God is an awesome God, and that i've been missing a few things in my life.

yes yes yes, Hong Kong is an amazing place. it has the fast pace, the gadgets, the constant buzz, the food, the people... but when you step away, even if it's only for a 36 hours... you begin to see how amazing perspective can be.

last night, we made Kev drive us our for a late night run to the super market. i got out of the car and just breathed in... cold, crisp, clean air, in a parking lot that had NO other people in it. it was very quiet. these things dont exist in hong kong.. other than the parking lots... (not open air ones anyways)

sure, i'm only sounding off less than 2 full days in, but it's just so refreshing. here are the other things that have blessed me...

i walked into a beautiful and famous cafe called Savory Island, for a fresh blueberry and strawberry pie. having a waitress smile at us, and mean it. people saying excuse me. going to a bookstore and enjoying it all without feeling like they want me to pay or leave. chilling in front of English language television. carpet. massive kitchen. daily sunsets to die for. great magazines.

so this will be a bit a "here's what i did during my holiday post", but at least i'm writing again. till tomorrow.


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