:fire DONT fall down please:

so last night at church we sung "fire fall down", and as i do during many worship songs these days, i allowed myself the time to reflect on the lyrics of the song. i generally believe that it's a good thing to know what it is you're actually singing. in my younger years of following Christ, i would sing everything as loud as i can, but these days i want to know, accept and believe the words i'm singing. lyrics of songs are ridiculous sometimes. not as in they are so far fetched, but ridiculous in the scope of what we're asking of God, or ourselves.

anyways, back to the song.

we get to the prechourus, and it kind of sinks into my spirit.

"Cause I know that You're alive
You came to fix my broken life
And I'll sing to glorify
Your Holy Name, Jesus Christ"

if the Lord were to come and fix our broken lives, doesn't that mean that he'll have to reveal where our lives are broken first? would that not be a difficult, ugly, painful process?

we then start singing the chorus, "fire fall down"

so if the fire of God comes down to earth to burn up those recently opened up areas of pain and brokenness? i wonder to what level of pain are we as children of the Lord are willing to receive?

have you ever seen gold, silver, or any metal being burned of it's impurities? it's basically red hot flames... now imagine that the piece of metal had feelings.

it would hurt. a lot.

that's why last night i was thinking, man.... do i really want the fire of God to come, because that process of refining is a painful, crazy process that we only love in hindsight. it's a process of being stripped naked of things that we claim protect us or define us.. but is get's burnt away by the all consuming fire of God. so do we really want that in our lives or the lives of those around us?

the answer is and needs to be yes. so i decided to sing. but i guess it was the type of singing where i was begging God to really do as the song says... to burn away all the things in my life that turn it away from Him.

needless to say it's a scary thing if you really want that from God.. but as we see the first few weeks of the new year, why NOT allow God to fully be glorified with my life, regardless of the pain and the process involved?

a i guess the only thing to say now is... "bring it..."


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