:finally, a chance to post:

so i figured that after a nice visit to shake'n buns in causeway bay, i'd be flying high. i've been pondering for weeks where i could get a good philly cheese steak, as TGIF's one was not up to par, and everywhere, quite frankly sucked. so after a jason young reco, i was with good friends and family taking my first bite. what was it like?

salt. that's all i tasted.

the place was overly packed, and i was jammed into a booth, so i was like.. forget it, i'll just eat it. it was really VERY salty.

stupid decision.

at 4am i was hunkered over my toiled dryheaving. i kept burping up salty smell, and i felt queezy. by the time morning came around i was cramping and aching all over my body... bleagh. anyways, to make the story short, i pushed through 180 (which was awesome by the way) and after drinking 67 littres of water, and setting a world recording for trips to the toilet, i was feeling much better by sunday afternoon.

so in my lessened state, i've been pondering the whole "salt and light" scripture that Jesus uses in 3 of the gospels. the scriptures only focus on what if salt looses its saltiness, then what good is it? but what if you get too much salt? you get sick, you hurt, you get achy, you get throw-up-y.

have you ever 'witnessed' (no pun intended) that? that your Christianity is so offensive to people you make them sick? i mean, that you're so holy and righteous that the only thing they think of when you are there is that they are dirty sinners? they aren't attracted to jesus or you at all, in fact, it's very much the opposite?

the overwhelming message of Jesus Christ is that even though we are sinners, Christ still died for every single one us, to forgive us completely and that we should receive that free gift of salvation.

so why is that so many of us give off a message of, "you're all nothing but dirty sinners, i'm above you, you disgusting thing. you must join my group and be like me...."

so as i was laying in bed moaning, i was thinking, this is is literally a sort of feeling that some non-Christians have whenever they see some of us? they get that sickly feeling, that queezy feeling..

it makes me sad to think that.. but that's the truth. we are called to love, to be love in a loveless world, to show grace as grace has been given, to extend a hand of support...

sigh... have we moved so far from the true message of Christ?

to cure my disease i just needed to flush out the impurities with a bunch of water, and allow it to flow out of me. would it be so easy as to allow the Living Water of God cleanse us of all the wrong thoughts and theology, and for us to be returned to the simplicity of the true message of Christ?

i wish it were as simple as that.


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