:the Dark Knight of Gold Digging:

so 2 nights ago i watched the Dark Knight, and I loved it.


i have to admit that heath ledger did an amazing job. i mean, he was seriously twisted. he took the joker to a place where he should have been. let me explain.

when i was about 7 years old, i started to read my brothers comic books. my brothers had LOADS of comics, so really i had lots to read. i remember, clear as day, when i was reading some of the Dark Knight stuff.. and some of it really screwed my head. i remember at one point reading the story of how the joker catches Robin (yes, Robin was real) and then he kills (yes, kills in a comic book) Robin.... but how does he do it?

with a crowbar. the joker smashes the FACE of robin repeatedly... all you see is a bloody crowbar hitting robin again and again, all while you see the Joker laughing the whole time. as in this typed ALL over the page.


messed up. that's all i could think... really messed up. i was 7.

so when i saw the movie, i had flashbacks to that moment. i was really sucked into the movie... and heath was awesome as the joker. i mean, it was so engaging that i was like gobsmacked... like.. i was in there man! here was my train of thought:

"man... i really dont want to ever have to meet the joker... i mean, he's crazy.. he's twisted.. how can someone ever be that twisted? man.. there's something in my nose. i bet that the joker would kill everyone he ever works with... i wonder if he was really abused as a child. i wonder what it feels like to have your face cut like that. man, i can't get that thing out of my nose! i wonder how the heck batman is going to stop the joker."

then i felt a hand slap my hand away from my right index finger lodged as it was so far up my nostril that i could scrape my brain. without knowing it was in my own little scared-ass world of nose-picking.. and i didn't even know it. I DIDN'T REALISE! i dislodged my guilty pointer finger from my nostril, and then i turned my face to janice who had this smirk on her face...

i was busted.

i'm so glad that janice and i were married, because if that was our first date, we'd be finished.... anyways, that was simply one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.. and i promised myself that from now on... no matter how scary a movie is, i shall not pick my nose....


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