:by its cover:

so for the next few days i've set aside my schedule and focused on getting ready to move away from ugly and smelly (but endearing) North Point... to forsake it for the openness, awesomeness of Tung Chung. janice and i went out on a bus ride to take us to Kowloon Bay, to make one last final stop at Ikea, and then have them deliver their goods to our new home... and then we'll close the book on this side of hong kong forever....

so on the way this morning, while on the bus somewhere around kwun tong or Ngau Tau Kok... a van pulled up next to us. typical triad front, where a deathly thin dude with ugly orange died hair and style-less dragon tattoos all down the back often find work. that's just how it is in hong kong.. these wanna-be gansta homeboys need to find work somehow, so they deliver goods in van's by day... live the Triad life at night.

this van was seemingly no different, about 4 people in the van, all shady.

as the van pulled alongside us i thought to myself, man... out here on the Green Line of the MTR, i guess we're on the wrong side of the tracks. i chuckled to myself and then i started to recall all the HK gangsta flicks that i loved watching in my young age.

then as the van pulled away, i was shocked to see this blazed on the side of the van...

just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.
Matthew 20:28

the real funny thing for me was that i just preached about this on saturday night... i talked about patience, long suffering and enduring... and here i was judging these men without ever having spoke a word to them... and right there on the side of their van, just like a bright light in a pitch black room... the truth of God screamed at me.

it was almost as if the Lord were patting me on my forehead and saying,"My son, you are such an idiot sometimes, but i still love you very much. Now go and stop judging my people."

"Yes Lord. Thank you Lord. Please don't smite me Lord."

big sigh.

if you read this far, leave me a note so i know people are still reading this. also, if you're of the praying persuasion, please pray for Janice and I as we have less than 5 days to pack every single possession we own and move it across this island.

oh and if you're wondering about our new place, check it out at Janice's blog.



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