:hey there buddy:

So I was about to leave the toilet when in the door comes Chris Tomlin.

"hey there buddy" he says.

Now, at this point Tomlin knows that I'm on ledership team, as the blue shirt and pass says so, and no doubt he was being a good worship leader and trying to reach out to the local team.

Now, I sometimes get weirdly star struck sometimes. Not becaus I'm enamored by the person, but more because I know how I want to be treated when I go abroad.

I've been the 'big shot' a few times before, and everytime I've connected with our hosts is when they just chill.

With that experience I was determined to do the same with my new bossom buddy, chris tomlin.

So, when tomlin patted me on the shoulder and said what's up, I said this...

"uhgg ahhh uhhh, ohh..."

Then I walked through the door.

I'm such a tool....


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