welcome back...?

so, since my last post... EVERYTHING has changed. again.

rather than go over every single minute detail, i'm just going to comment on a few things, just to keep it interesting.

so Theology. what the hell is that?

i know i have no more readers for this site, but if i were to pretend that I did like I used to, some people would be asking me that. i also have no friends now... but again, if i did I would imagine that they would ask that question.

so like, are you going to be a priest?

i get that question a lot. like it's a weird question because I'm not Catholic, nor do i like to wear black so really it's a "no, not today i am. we'll how how tomorrow goes."

the reason for moving halfway across the world, quitting a very amazing and comfortable job, leaving friends and family behind is not to become anything really. it wasn't even to get a piece of paper that had numerous capital letters with a full stop after each one. it was one 1) to follow what God told us to do 2) to get training in being able to lead people towards being more like Christ.

so here I am, months in. I finished my first term and I have learned so much... not just about being some sort of Minister, but about my self, my family, my shortcomings, my fears... i've learned a lot.

and so i need to digest them. here.

yep. i'm back on the blogging trail. i'm going to keep this going for at least every week of this semester. I laugh at many of my peers in school, as a number of them have very insightful and powerful blogs that comment on the current state of society and/or their theological revelations.

me? i'll invent random stuff about life, and will post silly but amazingly cute photos of my family:

till next time folks.


jonyangorg said…
once a week, excited!

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