look, let's a little honest here....

i'm a melodramatic guy.

not all the time, but much of the time, i get a little emotional. i don't like to show it, because that's just the way i am, but i dont know if it's old age, or depression, or desperation, or being uprooted, or becoming a husband, or becoming a father... but i'm melodramatic.

it's a bit hit and miss though. some things that really should move my soul don't, and i question my heart of coal sometimes. most of the time i laugh at things i should be appalled about. but sometimes, i'm just struck by certain things.

.... like The Sing-Off.

so the Sing Off is a show where it's basically a reality show where America's best acapella groups sing their hearts out to get America to vote, and the top group get's a butt load of $$ and a recoding contract. yeah yeah yeah, reality show making you soppy?

look, what's going on here is more than just a show. what moved me was that these cats had a team of people... they weren't the greatest looking bunch, nor the most successful or driven peeps...

but boy could they sing.

the reason why i loved this more than any other thing is that when they replay the show you can hear almost every single person singing, and it was simply amazing how their voices blended and complemented each other.

i love that. a lot.

you see, in life it's really hard to know where you fit in. think about it, socially, professionally, emotionally... people these days dont want to be labelled anything and we get this entitlement bug and refuse to be boxed in. but the joys of seeing these people understand that they are not good if not in a team of people where the sum of the parts is great than the whole. i loved other performance reality shows, but to be honest there's something magical and mesmerizing when an acapella group can get their voices, tones, pitches, beats all on the same page.

i guess it's called harmony.

as a pastor in training i guess there are goals that i have as leader. sometimes as leaders we tend to maximise the return on our human-resource investment, but that doesn't speak of the majesty of getting a group of people to put down their own personal agendas and to work together for a common purpose.

so you have these 5 or so different groups trying to do their best to perform as a team, yet for one song each week they come together to form this amazing, huge group to sing one song that blends ALL their gifts together. the resulting song is that i forget that this is a competition and i just enjoy the fact that man, this is pretty amazing. let me show you.

and that's kind of how i want to lead my church one day. that yes, we have a purpose, a vision and a plan, but the point is that together we can accomplish something that paints a picture of the beauty that's capable for God's people.

i can't believe i just posted about the Sing Off. but hey, i TOLD you i'm a bit melodramatic.


Cel said…
welcome back to blogging! i shall read if you write! :)

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