this morning i watched the making of the Matrix.

that movie was and still is a weird trip. no joke.

ever ask yourself if you would choose the Matrix, or the smelly ship that was the 'real' world? i always used to choose the matrix, cuz i always thought it was better. i had a life, a job, and everything was just hunky-dory. not only did that ship suck, but you got to wear tight leather stuff, cool shades, and kick major butt in the matrix. But honestly now i feel that things are different. after becoming Christian i know that after i die i will go to the better place. after almost of year of studying God, i would now choose the ship. so, where does that leave us?

the world we live in is a giant game. a computer game. for arguments sake we shall call this game, LIFE. The only problem is, like the matrix, you can let LIFE become so real to you that you don't understand that it is just a game. A key thing that Christians learn from Day 1 is that LIFE is just a game cuz at the end of the game, real life begins in that place above the clouds. Let me expose the secrets that i have learned. The game is basically the classic chess match that is between the Ultimate Warrior and the Undertaker, but with 7 billion pawns. In chess, the two players never actually throw punches, but when he pulls a Knight takes your Queen on the C5 to E8 move.. it is a definite proverbial slap to the face. Everyday this happens, back and forth. But, the only thing that must be said is that God has already won. So hear this out... we are all pawns in a game that has the outcome fixed. does that suck? yeah, cuz where's the fun in that? no down the stretch grand slam, no fourth quarter antics to swing a game, no throwing dust in Van Damme's eyes.... God will win. It says so. and besides, if he can create the universe, he can kick your Knights arse any day of the week and TWICE on the Sabbath. See, that also throws a javelin in argument cuz it don't matter if you're a King or Rook or just a Pawn... if you're with the wrong team, you are going to loose in the end. when is the end? no one knows. so like i said, the game is already won. its only up to us, as pawns, to choose which side to play on. don't make me start calculating which has the better odds... too late. God: 100%. Not God: 0% sorry charlie.

in my left hand, you have the blue pill, which after taking it, you will have no recollection of this blog, and you will continue to play LIFE as though you never heard that the outcome is already known. you will slave away for absolutely no reason at all other the just playing LIFE and trying to get the highest score. When you finish playing LIFE, you not only die, but then you go to a place that i wish not to describe. Thus, LIFE wins.. and quite simply... you loose.

in my right hand you have the red pill, which after taking it, you WAKE UP, and fall through the rabbit hole that was just layers of lies and tales that is the basis of LIFE, and at the end of the rabbit hole you will wake in the real ship... not the Nebachunezza, but another ship which we shall call TRUTH (again for arguments sake). You will not only win in LIFE, but you will re-write the rules of the game. when LIFE is over, your real life begins. What i'm saying is that one day, you will not have to dodge those bullets.

the blue pill....
or the red pill...


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