why are you looking at the speck of dust in my eye when you have a big ass 4 x 4 in your own eye?

what does that mean? this is what a friend of mine used to call a brain fart. i think that is the best name for whatever i just said. a brain fart is not actually the exact line mentioned, but more of the act of some almost deep statement that leaves your mouth, forming something of a complex for your immediate audience. So here i am, being weird. Or is this being normal? Only chrissy would be able to tell you.

If you are reading this, ask yourself "Have i enjoyed the finer things in life recently?" Think hard and honestly. Stop and smell the concrete sidewalk every now and then... you know, things liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike you find some money on the ground like PZ did, or you get a present in the mail, turn around J over some little punk, a vicious fart that rips the silence, picking your nose and getting that golden nugget... look, what i'm getting at, eventually, is that there is so much to THANK GOD for... every single day. yet do we it?

enough about you, lets talk about me, because this is my blog, and my blog page. so hear my blog: today is a nice day. thanks God.

how is that 4 x 4 doing?


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