it's been super slow with me. work has become my life. but not only that i have been doing what i can to serve the Lord. Work first.

at the office, we have turned from a free chilled out office environment to something that's more structured and just crap. we now have set breaks at 2 different times during the day... all non-working things are now outlawed, even during break or lunch or after-hours. we aren't even allowed to talk.. we have to go to certain areas to speak if we need to. as much as a i hated the new rules, i welcomed them because we weren't a professional office and it was really sad because he tried to keep free and easy, yet productive. with SARS, it's been a crazy time for all of us and with pay cuts and forced unpaid leave, it's been very hard to accept these new rules. but anyway, i'm through... i've been pretty stretched recently, and with my perfect blogging time of 915-10am now banned, i have been slack with my updating... but i'm trying to change that.

X2 was SOOOO good last night. i can't help but think that we needed that. a good movie, with some nice feel good moments, and some hangout time afterwards was just wonderful. SARS kills, but it also destroys confidence in people coming out and playing, it's just put this huge cloud of depression and fear over HK... and i hate it. that's why i was so happy at the end of the day... anyways... i just felt that X2 was a nice set up for matrix 2. omg... i's SO excited for that movie to come out. regardless though... i'm not much of a X-Men junkie, but i was VERY impressed with the movie and i'm SO looking forward to how they are going to do the phoenix. *drool*

change of focus please.

In about 5 days we are starting out first evening of something called the alpha course. it's a basic introductory course to Christianity of 8 weeks. We are holding in one of Hong Kong's nicest chain of italian restaurants. our church is crazy... and i'm trying my hardest to plead with God to allow me to be a small group leader.. and to also allow janice to lead with me... i don't 'know... i'll write more about this, but for now.. here's my long lame, awaited update. will be better as the ball drops.


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