so the weeks have been pretty crazy. as this is only my 3rd week in the Vine as a full time volunteer. I guess, having to do so many things for some many different people... it's great.. and challenging.

yadyayddyaydyadyayd. enough of that.

sometimes, when we give ourselves more than 3 minutes to let your mind do the talking... it says some really messed up stuff. today, before my bible study/care group/Geek Jesus Fest started... i took about 9 minutes to let me and God talk a little bit. man... what the heck happens in my mind? let's see... let me try and draw a picture. what i did today was like getting into a car, sitting comfortably, buckling up, and being picked up by 257 M.P.H. of Typhoon Biznitch and being thrown 1,000 ft into the air while colliding with a wayward DHL jet that causes a cataclysmic change in the stratosphere which ultimately causes the Earth to shift it's degree of rotation by 0.023 degrees, which in turn causes polar ice caps-----


basically, my mind raced to SO many things that i was almost taken back. it wasn't like i REALLY went and did all those things in my mind.. but it felt like that. i was thinking to every little thing that nagged me, my fears, my doubts, my worries, my strengths, my pains, my past, my future, that nagging itch under my left big toe.... it was weird.

i really think it all boils down to me not spending enough time just absolutely quiet. i'm certain that alot of people in this world are scared about spending time alone. spending time with you and that voice inside their heads. i've only recently come to terms to it.. but i could see clearly why some people dread and fear being alone. you can't lie to yourself. the person inside that no-one else can see knows you so well that it's a painful truth when it speaks. that voice is loud and clear when the world outside is silent... and that voice is easy to ignore when the outside world is upside down.

the only question i have today folks.. is what does your inner-self say to you when there is no outside noise or distractions? do you know? would you even recognize the voice? would you listen to the words? would you take it into account, or would you disregard it? i'm not talking about the voice of God... that's not it.. i'm talking about YOUR inner being.... like woah dude.

maybe that can be your homework for this night... spend some time and get acquainted with that person inside your soul. maybe then we'll understand a little more of the person on the outside..... anyways... there's a post and a half. till next time.


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