:the return:

what's funny is that i've been thinking about this post for weeks now. the new layout, the tag board, the metality... oh well... i guess that with every post comes a thought process.... i've been out of practice, out of touch... but this place has been my root, has been my constant in a world that's ever changing. so... while emotionally holding my nose, i dive off the PUBLISH button.....

i checked my own archives and i realised that i haven't made a thought induced post since the flash mob thing done way back in mid august. so much has happened since then... i've quit my job of almost 3 years, i moved into a new home, i picked up an ipod, an ixus400, a new djembe, i turned 24, i met janice's parents, my great grand uncle passed away, i've begun my 1 year commitment to the Vine as a volunteer, i jammed in my first drum circle, took part in Hong Kong first (real) outdoor festival, i now work with little kids and pre-teens, i've begun my eventual switch to Mac with a trendy imac at work..... man... blessings and changes.

but what does it all mean?

HA! i dont have the answer.

but anyways, here's the return... maybe one day i'll start thinking again and try and update something worth reading. but for now... i guess here i am.


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