:underworld... or my world:

what can i say... it's a beautiful day. i have a clean schedule tonight, a bit of part time work for Jacinta, a bit of bumming around, chillaxing... life is good.

then again, it could be better.

i'm not going to complain, i'm just going to be honest. life, in all it's splendor at the moment, should have more, should be more. what does that mean? as sure as the sun shines brightly on my back, i have no idea.

does anyone know why the word bow tie, and bow down... are differnent, yet spelt the same? the english language cracks me up... there are so many weird rules, and then i know most of them... because, well... i just do.. try explaining that to a ESL kid..

okokok.. so here's the real post. (sorry again for no spell check, but hey.. it's authentic) last night i watched 'underworld'.. and i really enjoyed the costumes and the overall look of the movie. the plot, character development and other vital things that should add to a movie.. just wasn't the best. BUT, since it was a movie about vampires and werewolves, it was .... graphic. dark, graphic and gothic.

so this happens to me every now and then.. usually when i'm so tired that my bodily functions sometimes confuse themselves. i get in bed.. and then i'm semi-sleeping... and then... some sort of thing happens to me. my mind is racing through some imaginary scenario.. in my case last night, i was being surronded in a small room with numerous werewolves and vampires looking to eat me, kill me.. whatever.

then i'm struck by fear.

i can't move... in my dream, in the real world too.. i just can't move. it's weird... i try so hard to move, but my body just can not. i get all tense, like i'm trying really hard.. but still... my breathing gets a little heavier, because a little bit of panic is setting in.

(this is where it get's weird) i say the name Jesus, but in my mind it's a loud voice that rocks all these animals surrounding me, forcing them to retreat. i gain a second of relief, but i still can not move. i'm trying really hard to move, breathing very heavy now.. and i notice in my dream that the vampires and werewolves are coming back from out of the shadows, teeth showing and growling. with one strenuous push...

i break free.

in my mind, it like the whole dream.. as if i was watching on a flat glass thing... shatters, and i wake up. in the real world, my body flinches crazily, then i sit up and pant.... tired from the exertion of energy. no more dream, and my mobililty back.

my only question is... can i ever get stuck in that dream? will there ever be a day when i will have to stay in that dream because my mind can not regain it's control of my body in the real world? will then, if completely imersed in a dream world, provide myself with a unconcious way of returning to the real world?

i think i watch too many movie. off to lunch now... i MUST take advantage of this day.



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