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haitus over.

180 went on it's inaugural camping trip, but this time we had 2 Canadians lead the team, as oppose to just Bob saying let's go and bring your own food. to make a long story short, last year we camped at Dai Lung Wan and lasted 9 hours (for the late crew) before we head back to town. last year, everyone brought potato chips and water to last them the whole day.. this year, it was very different.

janice spent the second half of the week prepping for the camping trip that had over 25 people who really didn't know that much about camping. her canadian blood kicked into overdrive and she went all out, providing all the trimings, having great food and snacks, and the weekend was awesome!

it was really good getting to know new people. we've had a strong influx of exchange students this year, coupled with 4 of our 180ers joining the graduate law program. so chilling with the new blood was nice.

this camping trip was dope because there was lots to do on this small island, there were more people, we had great food, and we had some real campers. rock climbing, hiking, beach, ocean, BBQ, worship under the stars... i was actually impressed with the people because they didn't keep asking "ok, what do we do now?". i fully expected people to do that, but everything just flowed well. i think i'm really beginning to see that people respond as adults if treated as adults. that's not rocket science but it is a revelation in terms of seeing it actually acted out. if i picked anything this weekend it was that most of my old 'regulars' didn't come. the 180 people that made up the fellowship when i first attended only had myself, janice and mandy there. strange huh? maybe not to anyone else other than myself.

anyways i better move on.

so i have to dedicate some cyberspace to the food. i totally did not know what to expect, but i can certainly say that i was super proud of my wife for what she did. lunch we had hot dogs WITH FRIED ONIONS! we had all the trimmings, including mayo and relish. we had awesome snacks in granola bars, fruit... dinner was pork chops, chicken wings and left over hot dogs. the boys were still hungry so we busted out the emergency instant noodles WITH boiled veggy. we had awesome smores after that. for our amazing breakfast we had scrambled eggs with tomato and onion... bread with peanut butter and jelly... tea, coffee or milo... and then of all things we had oatmeal! with honey! i threw in some banana for an amazing meal!

anyways.. rant over. i was truly exhausted after the camping trip, but i can honestly say that it was the best camping trip that i've ever went on...

the main things that i learned over this trip? i can eat A LOT of hot dog over the course of 35 hours.


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