:twenty six:

It has been a day. dinner at a wonderful restaurant, and when the desert came out, i was really happy. so happy i took a photo.

i have 21 minutes before the end of my 26th birthday (yes i'm THAT young), and i have become reflective. not so much that i scare you away... but enough to make a good read.. or atleast a good photoblog.

ah, Janice and Derek's new child... 'Killler'. she's awesome, but a little affraid of humans because she's only 3 years old (in human years), so she bites a little... but she is SO CUTE. yes.. i've been converted to a hamster lover. and russian dwarf hamster lover. i'll write another post on the life of a hamster which includes dropping waste, eating, sleeping and scratching themselves... my dream life.

anyways, let's move on to the reflections.

well, this past monday some people from our church, through a professional company, put on a street show. it's part of something called sohOctober and it's about raising the profile of a particular chic area of hong kong called soho, and it's for the length of october. so it was awesome for me to see, because it's the first time my church people have ever done something like this without me being involved. i got to observe as well.. an observer. here's jason young. my original leader, friend, encourager and mentor for a little while banging away during the stomp part. it was great, and this is actually one of my more fav pics. it's good having old friends back in your life.

this is gabby lee. even though i didn't have anything directly to do with this gig, i was actually beaming. why? well, a few reasons. from the previous picture, i taught jason step, and he took that away to the states and made that part of the set program of which he taught roughly 100 people.

well, for gabby, i remember back to when she not only got saved, but when she would push me to dance. i remember her first dance practice with jacinta and I. i remember pushing her so hard in practice for a mission trip she broke down, only to get back up 20 times more resolve to dance for the Lord. i remember that she said that i'm going to dance for god no matter what. so this picture made me smile because i was a part of this person getting to this place.

this is carmen. again, i met her when she was this crazy 12 year old, who was tiny and did ballet. i witnessed this girl grow, mature and then dance. all i have to say is that i watch her dance and i think back to all the dances we did together. i love this photo because if you look at carmen's hands, they're perfect. i've danced with 5 different dance teams in my life, and i'd say i was pretty good in my time, and to do a move like that and get the hands right? it's VERY hard. that's why i was so proud of her, and i was part of her growing to this point.

and this is my beautiful wife. i've know her for 5 years now.. and i love her. she's my queen, and the person that god has set apart for me to live my whole life with.

yes.. it's been a crazy 26 years. with so many ups, downs and arounds.. but i look at the mirror, and i can only smile at God's humour.

get busy dying? or get busy living? i have lived, and i will keep on living, only now.. i do it for Him. -amen


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