ok so this is me when i went to Beijing and was on the worship team. i've never been in such a big room on the worship team, somewhere in the region of 400 people. it was awesome for me. just wanted to share my constipated face. it was in the middle of worship.. i was in to it.

true godly passion includes praying. here's my wife praying it up. i love it.

so life has been rather crazy. since beijing i've been working on about 4 different things, including trying to do the logistics for 3 different mission trips, and getting 180 to transition from the Relationships Series to our new Why Do We...? series. i've spoken at church twice, and i really felt the last one was much better in terms of my own sanity. i had more time for prep, more confidence with one preach under my belt, and well.. it was into it.

although it was so disheartening to see my team, especially my wife Janice lead to do training. i realised how much they mean to me when they walked out the door. i dont remember the last time i preached without Janice in the room and i really had to plough through that.

dpma edit. seriously though, Tom, Jacinta and Dawn were my support that night it was the difference in my preaching, or crapping my pants. thanks guys

anyways, so yeah, things have been moving forward at breakneck speed. if you have a spare minute, please pray for Janice and I. we'd really appreciate it.


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