:in preparation:

i smiled, then laughed, then contemplated, then decided to blog this cartoon.

the worship series at one-eighty is consuming me in a good way. i'm happy that I was able to take a break from preparation from Ed and Fion's wedding last weekend, but this week has been all about getting the SCP started, and getting back on track for the one_eighty worship series. If you want to know more, click the picture below.

Worship is such a dangerous and delicate thing. do you agree? If you don't then no worries, if you do, my question is why?

I guess it's delicate because not matter what is said or thought or concluded, human emotions are volatile. There's no telling why we are the way we are. There is sometimes no explanation for why I can be smiling my face off, or huffing and puffing in male PMS...that's why I deem worship delicate, because due to our fickle nation, the outcome of worship depends sadly on the condition of that heart that is worshipping.

On the other hand, worship is a very dangerous thing. dangerous for the enemy, that is. adding on from my last point, the human emotion can change in an instant. Like I shared this past one_eighty, we can bring whatever struggles we have, whatever the enemy is laying at our feet.. Any and all of it... And through times of worship, and receiving from the Holy Spirit.. Our lives can be given hope, promise, strength...

I an unashamedly someone who loves to worship God. I'm talking lifestyle AND in communal times in a congregation. I love it. I sometimes live for it. It was worship that God used to first talk to me. and it was worship that eventually brought my pride to it's knees and allowed me to accept him.

That's why when we do the worship series it's not about learning songs... It's not about hearing a sermon.. I honestly think it's about breakthrough. It's about bringing people from wherever they are in their lives, and brining them closer to God.

Needless to say, one_eighty was great last Saturday. Great... What a word.. What does it really mean? It was great in how I define the word. There were something like 140 people at 180. We had some many people crying out to God... We've seen many people rededicate or commit to Jesus for the first time.it was great because so many people have already given feedback that already, one week into june... People are seeing the reason why God would bring them to Hong kong...

Great? Amazing is more like the word.

I look at the life that God has lay out before janice and I. it's crazy, and it's an amazing... Again, Janice and I have no idea what the future will hold for us. But in the meantime, it's been a ridiculous ride following the crazy plans that God has for myself, Janice, SCP, one_eighty, the Vine... I wonder what will happen next?


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