:What does one wear to meet Louie Giglio?:

I think for over 3 years I’ve been watching Louie Giglio on 7:22. In many ways I look up to him because he’s done an amazing thing. He’s mobilized a huge number of college students through this massive ‘bible study’ as he calls it. Of course we cant forget his work with Passion, through basically managing David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman… and a bunch of others.. so with a man that’s basically one of the biggest Christan leaders for youth, and for Christian music, and an amazing speaker who I not only love but basically idolize…. There’s only one question that’s going through my mind right now…

What do I wear?

You must be thinking, man, Derek is REALLY shallow. But I’ve had a few weeks to get over the shell shock of actually being able to meet and chat with Matt Redman and Louie Giglio… you ask me 4 years ago when I watched 7:22 on my little screen in the old Vine Office with Mandy Lee.. if you asked me if I would’ve ever dreamed sitting down and ‘chatting’ with them? Yeah right… I would’ve been like.. YOU are crazy man... chi seen. But if were to let myself dream about it, I just can’t get my head around one thing…

What the heck do I wear?

Okokok, so clothes aside, so after meeting with most of the volunteers for friday's event, I found myself praying for Friday’s event, and then praying for salvations, and then I naturally started praying for the time I have with Louie. Then I kind of stopped myself.. what the heck am I doing? Praying for my conversation with Louie? What was I praying for? That Louie and I would be long lost buddies? That he would be like, WOW, you’re so great Derek! Where’ve you been all my life????

Isn’t that silly? People are needing to get saved, and I’m praying for a Christian superstar to get along well with me? Shallow indeed.

So I repented of such selfish thoughts, and I got back to praying for the concert and the 10s and possibly 100s of people that will receive Christ. I began to mull on this thought of Christian superstar… I mean, what does that mean? Is it right to hold someone on so high pedestal? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not seriously putting anyone on equal standing with God, but the fact that was so nervous about it, or so giddy about it really strikes a weird chord in my spirit. I mean, sure I want Louie to notice me, to know about one_eighty, to hear about my vision for SCP and uni students, to be wowed at how God is moving here in Asia… but who am I kidding? What is my heart here? To ‘show off’? puh-lease. there are seriously more important things in life than to sitdown with a guy i see on TV and try to blow my own horn...

So after all of these thoughts and these heart checks, I’ve laid the whole thing down. There’s nothing else to desire… I mean, what else could a young adults pastor from a small church in Hong Kong want more? A chance to rub elbows with the greatest worship leader/songwriter of our time, and one of the most awesomest preachers in the world today. I think that’s blessing enough. i KNOW it's blessing enough.

so i'll let you all know how it goes… until then, pray that I get wisdom on what to wear…. Just kidding.. no really, i'm kidding... well maybe… um…. Yeah… whatever. goodnight!


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