:a fathers day gift:

ok so i had no idea it was fathers day yesterday.. i'm such a bad son... i lead the 9:30 service and i didn't even mention it. oh well.

anyways, so due to being at church late on saturday for 180, then arriving at church before 9am... i was spent. like i was really out of it. after the service i snuck over to starbucks, to enjoy the paper and a beverage. i tuned out the world as my ipod was blaring, engaged in the SCMP... it was, for just a few minutes, what i needed.

since i was facing the door, i saw an ordinary looking chinese man, followed in tow by a young teenage girl. right away it looked like a father-daughter date at starbucks... VERY cute. it just so happened they got their drinks and sat right next to me. they started chatting away, and it was charming.

i was about to leave to meet janice, and so i unplugged my sunday morning jazz... and i just couldn't help and overhear their convo.

"Dad, look at the length of these sleeves... they're so long! it's SO ugly!"

i picked up the tone in her voice. it sure wasn't "dad, i love you.."

"dad, NO ONE tucks in polo shirts anymore... that went out like 2 decades ago."

at this i felt sorry for the dad, because his daughter was ripping into him... like ripping... and he was just taking it. not even defending himself.

"dad, you're just not cool..."

sigh. as i picked up my bag to go, i glanced at the fathers face, and he was not really showing any emotion. he wasn't saying anything either. in my mind i was saying everything for him, but he just nodded and let his daughter continues to explain to her own dad why he needs to sign up for extreme makeover.

it was a sad sight, because what looked like a nice, fathers day date, turned into a fathers day heart-ripout-out session in a quiet corner of starbucks. as i was out of starbucks and walking away, i silently laughed at the whole situation. what a mean girl, what a tool of a father... hahahaha.

but then the shoe dropped.

that could be me. like really. that could be me and my child... getting ripped by my own flesh and blood because i'm just not hip. not with it. because i tuck my polo shirt high into my khakis... because i wear my pleaded pants up to 2 inches below my boob line. because i'm just not cool... or the anti-cool.

i'm SO not ready to be a father.

but for the record, if my daughter/son even did that to me, i'm going to give it just a much as i can take it. yeah.... i'll rip back into that child and teach them who's boss... aint no child of mine telling me what's up.

yeah... really mature derek.

i'm SO not ready to be a father....


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