:where i have been...:

dear reader (although i know for sure that no one reads this anymore)

i'm terribly sorry i haven't updated this in months, as life has taken over. sadly, i've been having an amazing time but i haven't made updating this a priority. i've changed this now, and i'm going to include blogging as part of my weekly routine for work.. like showering.

there are two basic things that i have been engaged with over the last months. The first was an amazing opportunity to project manage an event with evangelist Ps. Reinhard Bonnke. more on this later. The second was..... Janice is PREGNANT!! yes... we've just passed 12 weeks so yes.. we are getting ready for a child...

so i'm guess this is going to be a "this is i did" blog.. but i promise to do some more commenting later. back to the post.

for Bonnke... i was involved with the Fire Conference... it was a conference that Bonnke's org (CFAN) put together. it was amazing because CFAN identified and PAID for almost 4,000 mainland Chinese pastors and leaders to come to hong kong and receive training and resources for them to return to China. It was an amazing vision to impact china through all these people. Honestly, i've seen people come and go, but for someone to actually PAY for 4000 people.. their transport, ALL their meals, ALL their conference expenses, ALL their hotel expenses and then on top of that bless them with loads of resources.... it's amazing.

the end of the conference was an outreach for around 14,000 people, of which i lead. It was an incredible experience to lead my team to bless all these people. i didn't really get a chance to see much of what happened on the inside, but the feedback was amazing. Thousands of people were bused in and blessed from the poorer districts, hundreds of people received Jesus as their savior, and we're still receiving reports of miraculous healing.

a whole shopping list of things went wrong on th day.. of which i'll be writing about in another post... but to be honest, after the dust has settled... it was an amazing opportunity to be in a place where the Lord moved powerfully. take a look for yourself...

now.. on to more personal things.

we've got a bun in the oven... can i just say one thing?


i mean.. we talked about this for months... we knew it was coming, we prayed... but now she's ACTUALLY pregnant... like a part of me and a part of her is growing inside her... really.. it's weird... i'm NO WHERE near being able to process any of it.. but God is good.. there's grace... SPECIAL grace for fathers... especially fathers to be...

anyways. this is our child.

so i guess this is me getting back into blogging... will be back every Tuesday at the latest.

if you read this far... leave a note and let me know that people are actually reading this! thanks lah!


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