Day 3: It's raining love

(if you're reading this and have no idea what i'm talking about, please go here to get an update on our situation. Also note this is day 3. Day 2 is here and please go here for day 0 & 1. )

we only sent one email, but on the winds of social media our situation reached Hong Kong, Canadian and American sands and people really went out of their way to pray for us, and to send their love.

you know, sometimes you expect certain things of people. like family for example, you expect certain things in certain ways. but with friends they can not always be relied on in the same way. well now, that's a little harsh so let me qualify that statement.

over the span of just 4 days since Janice got flagged at the border, we've received so much support, love and prayers from people. really it has been crazy. for me personally, i had highschool friends, highschool acquaintances, college friends and church friends all share support to us. people came out of the woodworks and it was amazing.

of course, with something as difficult as having your family separated the first few days are the most difficult. and this is exactly why love from anyone in any way whatsoever is literally like love falling down from the sky like rain.

even with something as small as a 'like' button, a reply tweet, a quick <140 character "we love U & R praying 4 U guyz"... these all have made such a huge difference to us. to me.

i think the hardest thing for me to deal with is pondering tomorrow. not like far future, but literally the next day. as in have no clue what to do with ethan to keep him engaged. i dont want to sit in front of the TV all day (he's watching Lion King as i type this... sigh). but it is an adventure to get him changed and ready to get out of the house. most times it's actually fine, but every now and then he remembers he's a toddler and he throws a tantrum. and to be honest, one tantrum can zap my strength for the whole day.

but then to offset all of this I get to speak and pray with janice, I also have all these emails/texts/fb messages reminding us that we are not alone. Even though many are miles away, people are standing with us.

in these times where any source of joy weighs heavier than ever before, i stand under a constant stream of love and encouragement. from my son, my wife, my family, my friends... it has absolutely humbled me.

thank you to one and all.


So sorry to hear about this mess Derek. I totally understand the stress and hassles of this sort of thing, and will definitely pray that it will all be resolved quickly. Hope to see you this weekend, and provide a little Ethan entertainment as well. Be blessed :)
Anonymous said…
Praying for each one of you Derek, Janice and Ethan, and for God to work his miracle on you guys. With much love, Jess & Tim.

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