bad habits

so i've developed this crazy new bad habit. i think i've been in denial for a while.. but last weekend i really had a think about it and yes... it's official.

i forget to do up my fly.

notice the tense. it's not an isolated incident. now... i am really trying to beat this thing, so bear with me. i finish the job in the bathroom, then i'm so worried about getting out of the can and on with life that i forget one of the more important details of the day. hmmmm... silly? stupid? careless? i think i'm not that harsh on myself, so let's just settle on careless. anyways, i counted 3 times in the last week that i walked all the way from the bathroom, to my desk, sat down and THEN noticed that i my fly was down... all the way. if you pray, i need it. if you don't... now could be the time.

on a completely abrupt and needed change of subject, these days have been really weird for me. a couple of things... God is speaking some crazy things to me and i have to say that i've really been doing what i can to listen to His quiet voice. i know that this is a reoccurring theme in my blogs.. but hey, it's the truth. more later, when the fog clears and i am give permission to share.

so 180, the young adults group that i help lead, has moved into a new era. we have moved a different location for the first time since its birth almost 3 years ago. not only that, but we changed the time too. from someone like me who has been going to the same programme, same time, same place for something like 32 months... it's a big thing. and so get this... we are in one of the more fancy artsy-fartsy bars/performing arts centre in town. sure it costs money, sure we are the only christian group that dares meet in a bar... sure we blah-blah-blah. sorry, years ago i realised early that my church was always good at doing things completely differently from how anyone else is doing things. it brings a smile to my face.

anyways, we started at our time of 4pm... and it rocked. like.. everything. we had a full bar, over about 80, the program just flowed beautifully, the speaker was great, and the worship was simply amazing. the whole meeting was just blessed....

we carved a hole in the middle of the bar district in Hong Kong. a spiritual hole, and we claimed it for Jesus. it was the first time we've ever went down this path, and we had fears and worries, but now that we have the perfect 20/20 of hindsight... it was a chance worth taking. people getting blessed and salvation being attained... what else could there be.

please click here if you want to see the schedule and the HARDCORE topics we are discussing.

and on top of all that... i have monday off. because i can. amen.


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