why does freshly made toast taste so darn good? when you have an office that has a toaster... is it not cool to see how other people eat their toast? what about the toppings/spreadables that people use? before working in this company i have never known the enjoyment of spreadable chocolate, or the enigma of marmite. i use to think only my mother cut toast into 4 pieces before eating... not anymore.

i think you can actually tell a lot about a person just by watching how they go about preparing, eating, cleaning up after eating... toast. i have people whom take every possible moment of enjoyment when making and eating toast. others like myself just slap the stuff on and gorge rather than seek the ends of the earth when it comes to amalgamation of taste bud blitzes that happens in the mouth.

a slice of brown toast is the highlight of my working day, since i get to do it 3 times a day and eating toast is widely accepted, no matter what colour, sex, nationality or age you are. there are at any one time, 2 different butters, 2 different jams, marmite, sugar, condensed milk, peanut butter, chocolate.... i mean, there's something for everyone and their dog.

so here's what i observe of myself when i eat my toast:
-i consider myself a little rushed when i prepare my toast. i use too much butter and a little too much jam. much like my attitude towards life... i'm a little impatient, but i want lots of whatever is on the tap... ya know?
-so i like my toast a darker shade of brown than most. which reflects a nature that i see things a little darker now... my life has taken a couple wrong turns and i think after while you just become a bit of pessimist.
-i spread the same jam on every time. in my life i enjoy chaos, but i'm sometimes a little lazy to break routine. my days and weeks, thus months and years after becoming christian have often looked eerily similar to the day/week/month/year prior.
-i like to have a sip of tea with every bite of toast. like in my church i enjoy having a mixture of people and personalities around me. i learned long ago that diversity is key to any dynamic organisation. but it's now become part of who i am, as oppose to something i actually seek.

if i can see this about myself, then i wonder what i can notice of my co-workers as i see them eat theirs. who knew that so much could be observed from the angle and velocity of spreading a certain make of butter across a distinct piece of whole wheat bread.... conversely, who knew that one could upchuck so much bullcrap out of some just eating toast to make it onto a blogspot?

anyways, if i'm ever eating toast in the same room as you, you have been warned... i'm watching... and thinking of utter crap to psycho-analyse you with so that i can waste away the waning minutes of my 2nd to last working day of a an otherwise enjoyable week.



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