from the book i'm reading now.

God called Moses: Go to Pharaoh-the most powerful man one earth. Tell him to let his labor force leave without compensation to worship a god he doesn't believe in. Then convince a timid, stiff-necked people to run away into the desert. That's your calling.
And Moses said: Here am I. Send Aaron.

That's me. God saying to me get up out of your comfort zone, out of your entrenched life that is not what i want... and then i'm saying... hey man.. are you sure you want me?

that's where i am. there are times when God gives great in-depth pictures and vision of the exact place or situation He wants you to run towards. words of wisdom could come from other christians, or from your own quiet times. sometimes it's so clear that there IS no other way to go...

sometimes he just says get up and go.

bleah. this girl said somewhere on her page that following God was never peaches and cream.. but a fullness of life. that's ok. i'd rather live life to the fullest than never to have lived at all. amen.

in less than 12 hours i will be on my first holiday in almost a year. i've gone on missions, and even missions/holidays... but this is my first holiday since last years conference. i have a weekend in Manila, then i spend 9 days in Sydney going to this conference.

i'm super excited. there are over 30 people coming from my church. that's crazy compared to 9 the year before, and 6 the year before that. i'm expecting God to kick my ass, to chalenge me, to pour into my life, to give that fire back, to bless, to give rest and to just hang with me.

last year i got rocked and God flipped me upsided. this year i'm looking for God to do more. leave a comment and let me know i'm writing something that's silly.


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