:do you believe in chance?:

I believe that God speaks to us in many different ways. You see, there's the normal stuff... Church, audible voice, circumstance, words from other people, a feeling, a hunch, the bible, through worship, letter/words/or pictures in your head.. There are a lot of ways that God uses to get through to us.

That is of course you believe that God talks to us. For the sake of this argument, let's just say that you do.

I'm currently dirty, smelly, tired and wanting to return to my home... Sat plonked down on a metal bench in the wonderfully crap Manila International Airport, gate N5. The previous 13 hours were on a plane, 2 rows behind 2 spoiled children who couldn't decide if they wanted to scream with joy at each other or to wail as loud as they can. Often times they switched between both with utmost proficiency and diligence.

I truly digress. Janice is off trying to hunt down her lost water bottle she left on the plane. The ever helpful Philippine airline staff says.. Sorry.. We can't find it. Yeah, the water bottle got up and left the plane. Anyways...

So I'm having a look back on my 12 days of holiday. It was a holiday, one that rivals any holiday I've ever taken in my life. In fact it's probably better than the 3 I've ever had. This one had it's share of great memories, and I'm sure some of them will find their way to these pages soon. Today, I've been thinking of this specific topic of god speaking to people using amazingly simply, but effective ways.

In fact... Ways so simple that we tend to write them off. But this is god we're talking about, not your average everyday schmoe.

Again for the sake of argument, I'm going to put to paper (or cyber paper) my theory named "World Revolves for Me" hypothesis (WRM hyp.). {before you read on I must warn you that my theories are mere thoughts that have found it's way to the surface, having no biblical backing, nor sound analytical grounds. This is my page and since I'm notoriously narcissi, so this is what I'm going to say}

Where was I?

WRM hypothesis. The grounds of this argument is that God loves me so much that he was willing to send His son to die a horrible death on a cross to give me a second chance at life here on earth, and to give him glory.

Well, that's actually biblical and a well known Christian mantra. BUT, that only talks of salvation. That really doesn't talk too much about everyday life. Here's where I'm going with this. If God loves us that much, would it be rational to say that he would conduct so many things in our life for us to reach salvation, and then NOT talk to us anymore?

{this is turning into a monster post}

You see, I believe that our God is a creative and persistent God, while also being shockingly simple. Let's give an example in context. While on holiday I felt a disc tint nudge in my spirit to contact Bob Strachan, my mentor and old 180 leader before me. I haven't really kept in touch, nor have I have even let him know of my engagement. This could have been a conscious thing, a guilty feeling, but I also felt that God was in this too, telling me that he needed the the encouragement, and I need to share.

So as janice and I were sitting in a mall in Vancouver, I looked over and saw a store named Bobby Dazzler, which so happens to be the nickname of Bob Strachan.

Now, this could be an amazingly acute coincidence, or it could be God manipulating the world around me to speak ever so simply to me to do something about that inner feeling, and to sit down and email bob and amy and ask of their new born daughter anna-elise.

The World Revolves around Me Hypothesis. WRM hyp.

This is one circumstance, but do you find that these situations arise, and yet we laugh them off and say.. Well.. That was strange. Let me ask you the reader, could it have been God? And if it was, are we doing Him justice by just writing it off? "it was too obvious," or "god wouldn't talk to me like that in such simple ways"

Now now.. I'm not saying that God uses every street sign or store name, nor am I saying to following every time it FEELS like God is speaking to you.. But what I'm saying is that I totally believe that God would've orchestrated that whole scenario JUST to remind me about bob.

You know, sometimes the world DOES revolve around you.. Because God loves you so much that he would do whatever it took to get his message across to you. A lot of us try to just ignore it, and sometimes we think that God wouldn't do such a thing.

What it really boils down to is chance. You see, I don't believe in chance anymore. When I fully gave my heart to the Jesus, I left chance at the door, along with a few other things. But now that I know that the universe is created, and that circumstance is just other way that God uses to speak to us.

It all makes simple sense if you asked for my bias opinion. I mean, most of us read the bible, or some interpretation of the bible every single day.. And god would be SCREAMING a directive or thought to us and we could easily miss it. So what does God have to do, use other things to make us aware.

Things like store names.

In true jessy springer fashion, here are my last thoughts as my plane is making it's final approach to Hong Kong. Chance does not exist, and every appointment in divine. Let's stop taking god out of the every day scenarios, and let's input His will into every facet of our lives, and then I'm certain that you'll begin, as I have, to see that God speaks so much more when we look out for what He's actually saying. I'm sure that when we broaden our horizon of how He speaks, then we'll begin to see that God's audible will is not just confined to church time or bible time.

God time, is ALL the time.

Ahhh.. Hong kong.. It's good to be home.


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