:woah dude:

hey.... i can snowboard and i'm a goofy.

i can also face plant, ass-land, ollie, 360 jump, s curve, wipe out, somersult, cry from pain, board over ice and dirt and rocks, i can board into the woods, i can wipe out before during and after ski lift dismounts, i can get served by a little 5 year old boy on a board and a 50 year old lady on skis, i can cramp in places i never knew i had i muscles, i can most definitely catch edges, and i can finally say that yes, i have been to 7th heaven, and i have returned a little wiser, a little older, and certainly in heaps of pain... but oh my can i board...

what a wonderful 3 days, thanks to my beatiful instructor...

BUT, all good things must come to an end. tomorrow at 23:50 i leave for HK with janice... it will be very good to get back to HK. i miss my bed, my church, my family, my PLUS, 180, but most of all, i miss ga lei yu daan.

to all you in HK, see ya on monday!


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