Simply put, Canada is wonderful.

I've written out a full on entry about how I could never really live here at this point in my life, and about the differences of HK live vs YVR life.. But this entry is still being mulled over. My verdict will be completed upon arrival back on HK soil

Till then, I wanted to just share the good things about this place.

First, family. Janice's family have spoiled me rotten. For me, this has been exactly what the doctor ordered for me and Janice. A time away, to not work, not be stressed over the Vine or 180 issues, to not be crazed with programs... But to enjoy a life... A life that sometimes feels like a dream.. One that's not real.

Because well.. This isn't real. It's a fantasy.

It's a life that includes no work, endless money(or in other words being provided for at every instance), beautiful weather, no bills, a car, a huge 10 bedroom house, wonderful polite people, no church(not really)... It's a crazy situation.. It's not real, because I know what my real life is...

But for just 12 days of my life, actually, it's only been like 7 days.. I can already says I'm charged up again to go the next 6 moths.. Easy.

I have experienced so many firsts. Real hiking in freezing cold weather. Amazing food at cheap prices, nice honest customer service, putine, beaver tail, deep fried apples, hockey news spanning pages when there is no league, maple syrup, Canadian pride, freezing rain, eh?, chinese Canadian church, Canadian clubbing, poppa and momma places galore... The list goes on.

Simply put, god has decided to bless Janice and I. we haven't deserved nor earned it.. Because god's blessing is for his children to enjoy, not reward for their work. I believe with all my heart that God doesn't work like that.

I have just completed a week here in vancouver.. And I have to say that it has been amazing. However one thing is certain. Hong Kong is my beautiful home, and the Vine is where I'm supposed to be. Being here only makes that decision more cemented. For all of it's faults, Hong Kong is still the place to be.

But for holiday or retirement? Oh Canada eh? Eh.


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