:of significance:

while surfing, i typed in derek ma in google. my blog came up first. FIRST! of the hundred million quabillion website of mostly crap, my name, my 8 letters returned my blog first. that means even if you chose to use the "i'm feeling lucky" option, it would be ME.. little old me.

isn't that something?

there is a point in this, believe me.

4 years ago at roughly this same time of year, i was still trying to understand what being a christian was about. Tom was my good friend who brought me to the lord, and Andy was the young preacher at church who was the only one at the time that i could stay awake for the duration. 180 was the only place in the world that i actually thought that christian were normal, and that believing in God was actually a cool thing. people in my life that really influenced me? Jym kay, Jason young, bobby dazzler, koryl....

now, years later... i took a few minutes to reflect on my life and where i have come. as the leader of 180 i was there, worship God in a way i have never done so before, being extremely blessed by the people that the Lord has given me. certain words were prayed of over me, and i was praying over Tom and Andy some amazing things.

all i can say is that God is too good to me, to 180, to people in this church for me to use words to share. there was a point while signing that the revelation of god's love for us just stopped my mouth from moving. the title of this post is :of significance: and i know that it's silly to say so, but tonight i really felt as though my life had significance to God and his plans for this place. my life is of significance. wow. i'm not sure everyone can say that about themselves...

so how about some good news? i actually videoed 180 tonight. sweet. anyways.. i'm rambling, time for bed.


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