:life continues:

Wow. Has it been that long?

I can't even begin to share the things that God has been doing in and through my life. I've been so busy with work, with 180, and most importantly I've just.. Well.. Been married.

But after loads of pushing from Tom and others, I've finally said that I'll update my blog. Actually, looking back on how longs it's been, I've really decided that it's time I started updating more often.

To make a long story short, something in me has changed. A little while back I went to another conference that was being held by a massive youth focused church in Oz land called Planet Shakers. I normally go to a conference every year held by Hillsong, and over the last 4 years it has proven to provide me with the inspiration and fuel for my role 180 and in the Vine.

But something inside me changed this time. Something died, and something was birthed.

The last session of the conference the speaker was Australia's top youth communicator and his sermon on breakthrough, on revival... Was just amazing. God spoke to me, and not only did he speak to me and Janice, but he commissioned me.

You see, in the 14 months I've been in the leader of 180, my young adults ministry, I've always had passion. I've always had a burned. BUT, at this conference it was the first time that really felt that HS spirit say to me, "Alright, now is the time."

You see, life for me has been somewhat difficult. I preach my heart out and yet sometimes I see NO retention, and no results. I see more people coming, but where is their discipleship, where is their spiritual growth? Over time, leadership can be gruelling... It is a constant grind.

But in that last session, while I was crying out to god and tears were coming down my cheeks, I said to the Lord... I receive that word. It IS the time now. I had some prayer time with Janice and honestly what came out of that encounter with the Holy Spirit was a conviction and beliefs that 180's time, and the Vine's time to start moving forward... Was now.

My personal conviction is that now, Janice and I lead this group with such strength knowing that the Lord is %100 behind us and is working in and through us. I know that in the year 2006 there is so much more that God is going to reveal to us... It's almost too much... Yet in the years prior to today I know that HE has prepared us.

I've never been in a such a position of readiness, of expectation, of excitement for a year as this one. Last year, after only 2 months of leading 180 I was scared out of my pants and unsure what the future held... Now, 12 months later, married, broken & then built back up... With the reality of all my failures and all that I could not and did not achieve in this last year... I know that each time I failed, it has prepared me for this next year... It can be summed up with what God spoke to me recently

"I am going to change Hong Kong, and I'm going to use YOUR church to do it"

So here I am... Not yet at where I need to be, but completely humbled by the Lord, and ready for the crazy ride that 2006 is going to be.


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