:ode to my team:

So the holiday season is rounding the corner with new years tomorrow and the season of gorge and excess is finally over. So as I was pondering my update, my mind was transported back to my leaders team dinner and gift exchange. Needless to say it was a great night of just hanging out and fellowship while celebrating being a team.

Wow... A team.

So much of what I am and what I do is surrounded by in enveloped by my young adults fellowship called one_eighty. Yet, while myself and Janice lead the ministry so much of the operations depend on the team.

Abbie, Amy, Gabby, Mandy, Nate... And my beautiful wife Janice.

Without this strong team, without their constant support, their encouragement, their correction, their attitudes and their love there would be no 180. I get the glory sometimes because it's my name that's up there as the leader.. But I know the truth... I know with all my heart that it's this team that keeps this ministry going. Of course God is the fuel, the goal, the reason, but he uses these hands and hearts to see His purposes fulfilled in Hong Kong.

When I look back on this year, I know that there are so many others who have added to the mix, Linnet & Cliff, Joshua, Jason, Kristy, Dave Ng, Priscilla... So many others...

You know, nothing in this world is ever a one man show. So many people who get the lime light forget of the legions of people behind them that are vital for their success.

Success... What a strange notion. How is success measured our situation? Numbers? Home groups? Salvations...


I look at people. I look at lives. I observe them and I know if they've grown or not. I KNOW if they've spent the last year sitting on their ass sucking their thumb, or they took as God given risk and reaped the benefits. That's why no matter what I know that whatever success I or one_eighty has achieved... There is so much more.

I'm so excited for what 2006 will reveal for my team, for 180, for the Vine... For janice and I... I get giddy thinking about it. But I will have patience, I will continue to just believe and act in faith, and I will keep pressing on to what God has called me to.

oh... and to all... i wish any and all who read this site an amazing and blessed 2006.

-amen. see you next year............


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