:over the bowl:

so the last 24 was spent throwing up, diarrhoea, feeling nauseous, a little feverish and downright poopy. what's to blame?


so I ate 'the flying pan' meal... 3 eggs, 2 sausage patties, massive ham, 2 strips bacon, 4 pieces of toast, baked beans, and lynoiniase potatoes, orange juice and another glass of ice water.... eating it I felt that it was just a little too much grease for one meal... going to sleep I felt heavy and a little gross... at 430 I felt that wonderful urge of needing to empty my stomach... after an hour straight of puking my brains out.. I lay down to rest... about 5 minutes later I was over the toilet again..

anyways.. to make a long story short I was lying in bed constantly feeling like I was in a feverish state, head pounding, or just ready to puke again... I spent about 20 hours in bed and now... after one weird dream, I'm feeling good enough to go eat something and go to work.

well... let me make this interesting for my readers, if I have any.

there's a little voice that I've come to realise is not just my own conscious. I believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to me in many ways... a little push in my spirit, a bad feeling.. just.. you know.. that still small voice.

so the moral of the story is that when a still small voice says.. don't eat that. or don't eat any more.. you better listen.

no more flying pan for me...


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