:the food post:

so, this post is all about food. wonderful food. amazing food, and beautiful presentation. i love food, but i love it more when that food looks great, and i can take photos of. so since we went to this japanese place... i know that i just had to share it with any and everyone who visits.

so, the place is Chitose, and it's very japanese.

as you can tell from the layout...

enough of that. let's get on to the food.

here we start off with the salad. it was fresh, cold, and not too much dressing. i loved it.

ok so second course.... are you ready for this?

they plopped down 2 massive abalone about 12 inches from my face STILL LIVING, and it started to COOK IN ITS OWN SHELL! these japs have NO mercy. janice reminded me that this is much more humane than how they kill any other animals for meat.. but at one point i could feel these things scream... anyways, here's the look...

these things were ready to be cut out, and cut them out the chef did... sigh.. it was grissly...

anyways, they sliced that thing so thin! it tasted really good considering that i hate the stuff. it was great thought... mad $$$, but tasty!

we had a great side order, high end curry pork cutlet with japanese rice... and it was very good...

then they cod... i LOVE cod. and this cod was to die for.

now the crazy stuff. we ate fois gois(sp?) and i've never ate it before. my sister in law Amy loves it, and it's most certainly an aquired taste... since i've never had it before, i had an open mind. (i ate the bread... i'm not supposed to, but no one gave me the fois gois hand book! sheesh!)

okok.. i know this is long but i got to get this off my chest. this place was good, and i was SUCH a tourist. anyways, this next course...

i dont know what it was called but a super thin slice of beef with some really tasty filling. wrapped over like pigs in a blanket, it was totally awesome. the chef dude was cool, flipping stuff and just being.. well.. cool.

finish product? scrumptious.

this is one of the 2 chefs. this was the guy was cooking in front of Janice, Cliff, Linnet and myself. he was the cold blooded abalone killer. yep. killer.

ok so next was the FAT block of red meat. he used the sharp knives and sliced that puppy into bit sized chunks all while it was cooking. it was rather enticing just watching and smelling the whole ordeal..

and below is my best product shot of my whole roll. i fixed the settings on my camera and i loved what came out. he dumped these chips of garlic on the meat and it was like a party went off inside my mouth!

next dish was veggies, but it was boring so no shot. after that was fried rice. the other chef cooked that so i didn't get any cooking shots, but i doctored this shot to show the rice and miso. the rice was good, but they have nothing on any HK cheapo char char tang!

so miso. i LOVE miso. i could taste that they make it fresh.. and it deserves it's own shot.

that was the ending of the meal, but after that they moved us to the lounge area where you have coffee and try to get the greasy smell off our clothes. they served alright cofffee, but i was really craving a thick latte.. but oh well.. can't have it all.

and add the milk....

all that put together calls for the madatory gay Ma family shot!!!

sad to say that this place, Chitose has officially shut down and has moved somewhere else. so that was one of the lasdt meals served in that restuarant. it was very good, very smelly, and very entertaining.

Next week on the food post?

Pumpernickle Cafe!


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