:introducing... Pumpernickel!:

well.. i'm going to start of this new Lunar Year with another food post. i'm going to introduce this place that Janice found along with some ex coworkers and she raved about it. i reluctantly agreed to go, thinking that if Janice says it's a cool place, this is just must be pretty stinking cool.

so this place is a cafe called Pumpernickel. it's a cute hole in the wall place tucked away behind Victoria Park. they have other branches, but this on is sweet because it's out of the way, has nice deco, and well.. it's just.. our place.. hehe.

so this place is known for it's fresh bread. and yes, it taste SO GOOD. the lighting was perfect for my ixus so i shot this and i'm hungry just looking at it. the serve fresh bread in little baskets and i have to say that they had like 8 different kinds of bread ranging from Yoghurt & Cheese, walnut, blueberry, and of course... Pumpernickel.

janice kicked it all of with the cesar salad. it was good, fresh romain, a tad cheap on the cheese, but it was refreshing.

i went with the salmon risotto... and can i just share with you that tasted every bit as good as it looked. big fat slab of salmon, and huge strips of fresh spinach, and they actually had the sauce on the side, which was a nice touch because it was actually to strong for me... here's another look...

anyways, at this point i was smiling because it was all just so good. janice and i decided to sit back, chill, and do some much needed homework.

but let me share just one last thing with you all. ever since i got trained at the Vine Centre on how to make coffee-i mean REAL coffee with real foam.. i've been a bit of a coffee snob... i hate starbucks, and i hate coffee that's not made with TLC. so when i ordered a latte from this place i was a little apprehensive.. but then they brought this out.

putting it all together i was pretty happy with this place. janice and i have been back there a couple times already, and i will definitely go again. it's a little on the pricey side (avg $70 for set lunch) but since janice and i stay there for no less than 3 hours per trip.. doesn't seem that bad.

so i'll just leave you all with more look at the bread..

aren't you hungry? i'm seriously off to lunch now...


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