:1 year...:

it's 12:01am, June 18th 2006. I've been married for one year.


not only can i not believe it, i can't believe that my beautiful wife hasn't 'woken up' and dropped me like a bad habit. yet this will be the first of many years.. how this has happened.. who knows?

Lord, i have done nothing in my whole life to deserve a person like Janice, but i thank you for your grace and your mercy on me. Help me to honour my wife on this day, and forever more. I thank you for being the bond that Janice and I share, and the goal that we reach for... -amen.

so.. in about 15 hours janice and i will be in Penang, relaxing, enjoying, refueling, refreshing, and just .. well.. being married.

pictures to come later from out holiday and from Matt and Meg's wedding!


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