i wanna live forever!!!!

this is something that's been on little bit on my mind since the album recording, then it was really major when we did Global Day of Prayer, then last night it came up again.

now, dont get me wrong or anything, i'm not famous, neither is Tom Read... neither is brett, eph, joshua, ben... but.. check out this photo

so what happened was that after Tom lead worship in a stadium that had less than 30,000 people there for global day of prayer, and after sharing a stage with Steven Curtis Chapman... he had a line of girls and a few boys waiting to take photos with him.. i've seen this before when it came to him playing in a band, but after a worship set? this moment was short lived because the small gaggle of people ditched tom and went for SCC sons, who were pretty rock-starish. check'em out...

last night for the first time ever oneighty had about 120 people. at one point we had live jazz last night which turned into an adhoc ice-ice-baby karaoke night.. 2 people at one point separately told me if they didn't know any better they would have thought this was a bar and everyone was drunk. anyways, for me, the night was simply amazing. we had a HUGE number of visiting students but we're also getting visitors who could potentially stay on... what happened was that after we finished the program i went to the bathroom and i kept getting pulled left and right. meet this person, say hi to this person... while it was great and i couldn't believe how many people and new comers there were... it was weird.

last year, after i mc'd hillsong united in hong kong i had a few people wait for me to come off stage to take pictures with me... me?

ok so there's a point here. basically i know that as we grow in influence and grow in impact in the city and beyond, there's something that my spirit has to deal with...


even if i'm just a member of worship and not any of the front worship leaders.. it's still hard to lay down all the feelings that people have when their face is all over a HUGEMUNGO stadium TV screen with thousands of people going for it. it's weird to leave the tabernacle of prayer and holy spirit to walk out into the lounge where it's no less than crazy party atmosphere. it's weird to even have someone i dont know say, "can i have a photo with you please?"

i always think to myself... why?

ok, call me shallow but it's something that i think about more because The Vine, Tom, Oneighty and just.. well.. everything seems to be growing and if i dont deal with this now, i have a nagging feeling that it will come back to defeat me later on in life. you see, i completely believe that Tom is going to a world renowned worship leader. i believe that in my lifetime i would have touched thousands of lives through my role at the Vine and oneighty. but if i dont learn how to just deflect all the weird-ness of being successful and famous.. it'll never happen.. or it'll happen and then god will take it away.

i always said that i would lead 180 into a season where we would move out of the vine centre. i believed it from the first day i moved into that place and our first meeting was less than 20 people. i always knew that the vine would record a cd. i always knew that the vine would eventually move to a bigger venue. i always knew that i would play in a stadium with thousands of people worshipping the Living God. i always knew that i would marry a beautiful women who loved God and was super cute. i always knew i'd have a child. i always knew that would speak on a world wide platform.

but knowing, seeing, believing, and trusting... these are all things i'm still learning. some of those things i mentioned have happened, and some haven't... but i guess i'm learning to be a good steward of those things that happened already, so that that God prepares my heart for the next...

Lord, in no arrogant or up-my-self way do i mean this when i say this, but i am no-one. i've believed that it wasn't ever me, or my gifts, or my personhood that will get me anywhere, but after meeting You, you've given me ability to boast in the things i have not, and rely on the supernatural things of you. Bless you and Praise you God because you are a Good God, and i place my life, my future, my ministry and everything in Your hands.

To You be the Glory, Forever and Ever. Amen.

i took a few shots at the global day of prayer.. check it out if you want:


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