when was the last time you said, "i've never done that before in my life, but..." last night, i was able to say that.

i lead a ministry that is growing, and i've lead 4 missions trips, while going on over 10 trips in my short life as a christian. in all of these things, i've lead people to respond to my call with a microphone in my hands, a band behind me, a stage and lights. sometimes it's one person, and sometimes it's hundreds of people like it was in the Philippines. but when was it one on one? without the stage, mic, band.. when was it just you a couple other people? ............ for me, i dont even remember the last time.. or if there WAS a time...

i run a program that is so close to my heart. it's called the Summer College Program, along with my wife, and a few loyal leaders, such as mark nam, alison.. in fact, my whole SCP leaders team... it's an amazing program. this year though, because i'm years removed from college, we all agreed that this year would be the year i wouldn't lead any small groups, but i would just vision cast. last night, 4 of my leaders couldn't make it, so i had to step in.

so even when we started last night, i felt excited. SCP is always exciting, as we never know who is going to turn up, how many new people.. it's like 180, but toned down a little. we split up into small groups and i had a cute little group of young, budding uni students that ranged from the hawaii, to toronto, to london, to hong kong (another amazing aspect of SCP)... i've never met a few of them, but after sharing i felt that i could pry, get into their lives a little bit.

as i'm preparing my sermon for tomorrow night, and the topic is called "Breakthrough NOW!", i was actually in the mode to see every single person i came into contact have breakthrough. it was borderline arrogance how i confident i was, because i was overly confident in the ability of God's love... of His Spirit. i know that the majority of almost 50 people at SCP was not living the full life that God has for them.. they just needed.. well.. breakthrough. so in the middle of the talk, i chuck away the study guide, and in essence all the small group training i've ever recieved, and i made each person in my group answer this question...

"IF THIS summer, was THE summer where God is calling you personally because he wanted to absolutely change YOUR life and grow you into the man or woman that you know He wants you to be... would you recieve it?"

a few murmured yeses around the room...

"THEN, what is stopping you all from seeking that change, in THIS country, in THIS summer, in THIS program?"

well.. after a little discussion, the answer was really simple when you weigh the possible benefits of those things being possibly true. the answer is nothing. absolutely nothing. and i wasn't going to let anything of these kids tell me otherwise. this is my saviour, my king, my GOD that they were doubting. i hammered it home.


i could see it. it was on their faces. some people were starring off into space, not because they were bored, but because God had just spoken to them. and then i went back to the girl in our group that wasn't a christian.

"How about you, do you believe that this is true for you to?"

(this is where i didn't listen to any of the trainings on not putting people on the spot, leaving people in their comfort zone..)

"yes" she said.

(taking a quick breath, i asked with a dead-straight face, and as warm a smile i could muster without giving away my 100 mph beating heart) "would you like to become christian now?"


excuse me!?!? what?!?! haha.. i almost wanted to say all those things, but i calmly explained to her the prayer of salvation, what it is, and that we'll do it together with the other people in the group. everyone in the group became giddy.. and right there and then we said the sinners prayer together.. we prayed and then we ended the small group.


in the lift i was on a bit of a high, a holy spirit buzz. stepping out of the lift i saw the lounge filling up, and then i noticed this guy on his own. talking to him i noticed to referred to the group as though he wasn't really part of it. "they shared some good stuff, or THEIR stories touched me..." and then it became clear...

"are you christian?"

"no actually..."

(we talked a little more.. and seriously... since i was on a role, why not?)

"have you ever wanted to become christian?"

"yeah.. i have"

"has anyone ever asked you"


"how about right now, would you like to become christian?"

"ummm.. yeah, yeah.. i do"

so.. i ran over to the friend that brought him and said.. that friend you brought? he wants to become christian, would you come with me to pray for him? him mouth dropped to the ground and then in the tabernacle we prayed the sinners prayer.

break out the non-alcoholic beers in heaven. the heavenly host must be going crazy!

i have never done that before. never asked someone in a small group if they wanted to receive christ.. i've never asked someone in the hangout time after a program if they wanted to receive christ... even in 180, i've never asked someone to receive christ AFTER the program, yet i'm thinking that the reason why i've never experienced what i did last night, was because i've never asked.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that in no way was it to do with anything i did. there was no sermon, nothing on my part.. all i did was just step out and ask... and seriously.. that's what happened.. please dont think i'm anyone special.. but it was just amazing that somehow, i forgot about being scared, judged or ashamed.. and just asked... it was seriously that simple.

god is so amazing that it's just so crazy. SO crazy.

breakthrough....... in the craziest way......

i can't wait till i get to preach this tomorrow night at thirst... i can't wait to see what God is going to do... all glory to the father.. all glory to the father...


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