:my childhood...:

Janice and I braved the daunting streets of causeway bay and did something adventurous. You see, all over the streets are loads of buildings and shops but what we never really do is visit the shops and café/restaurants INSIDE the buildings. They're sometimes called "si fong choy", as there are some amazingly expensive and snazzy places that are in places the size of a flat. But there loads of gimmick shops because the rent is cheaper if you're off street level.

Where am I going with this? Patience my friend.

Well, janice and I ventured behind the Krispy Kreme about-to-finished spot, and we found a place called, "Small Potatoe - Your living room". We were like, ok, we're tired of walking around, let's check it out.

We took the rustic lift and we went to this cute hole in the wall, found a sofa and sat down. First impression is, well.. Cheap, small, but cozy. Had some nice sofas, and a few small tables. What was pretty cool was that each table had a small screen on it with some TV to watch. Pretty cool. My eyes took in the room, and voila, to the far left was a fooseball table. MAJOR bonus points. And free to use as well. here's a couple bad picks.

The table was in good shape, so I was happy about that. Janice beat me once, but I won the best of 3 series. Boys still rule as far as I can say.

When we sat down I looked at the TV and noticed that attached to my TV was an xbox. Sweeeeeeet. I looked around the other TVs and I noticed that connected to every TV was a TV game systems. They had 2 PS2s, xbox, gamecube.. But the gem of the whole bunch was they had a SNES, a supernintendo. Man.. I haven't seen one working in like.. .10 years? Here's a couple pics..

So this place had basically everything that I had growing up, in terms of TV games... It had other old school chinese board games.. The plane games... Man... It was great.

Ok so the point is this. Every now and then we need to be transported back to our childhood. It's nostalgic bliss to close your eyes and remember things of days gone bye. It wasn't like I just sitting there drooling and not saying anything.. But it was really nice to just remember thoughts that I had apparently forgotten. Anyways, this place made me think.. And I it was a great experience... And I got to play fooseball with my wife? I love IT!

ofcourse... the icing on the top, was that they had a little box of models... and then in the box, they had about 5 transformers. i'm talking REAL transformers...

since i'm sworn to secrecy as a 'friend of Krispy Kreme', i didn't tell anyone.. Joe and Linnet are not real friends because they didn't keep the secret. anyways, i give in, since it's raining, i'm STILL going to go...


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