:In the eyes of pain:

There are many differences between the church here called LGC and the Vine back home, but currently LGC is going throuhg something very difficult that I truely respect every member for, and for their Pastor Ted. There is a member of their congregation who is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. His name is Roy, and while I've never met him, nor have I even heard of him before, I've admired and respected that the whole church is standing by him & praying for him.

It's never easy to accept these situations, because our whole lives we're fed that God is good, fair, lover of our souls... All these things, but there's just so many conflicting feelings and thoughts when "Bad things happen to Good people"....

I don't know the details, but if you're reading this please pray for Roy. Pray for healing and pray that his family is comforted. Please also pray for 'Lord Grace Church' (LGC) to be able to continue to trust in the Lord and find strength in these difficult times.

Lord, while I wont even try to understand why, I pray for healing for Roy, comfort for his family, and strength for LGC. Lord, as your word has shown, and your promises ring, have mercy.

while it's difficult to hear that a brother is in the hospital, i do pray that through this whole situation, your truth and your love still shines through. i pray Lord that through this whole episode you bring this whole church closer to you, and closer to each other.



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