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Hello there. It's been a while.

It's been forever and a day since I've updated here. So many things have happened in my life since my last post, I have at least 1000 stories that I can share. Some are sad, some are happy, some are just crazy, but I'm sitting in the bedroom of a person I've never met before yesterday, in a city I've never been to.

It's been a crazy ride to say the least. 2007 is in full swing.

Let's see, some people have been rather upset of my lack of posting, so let me update everyone. I have time today because Janice is working on her paper, and since I've a few hours to kill, I'm excited to finally get around to updating.

November and December were crazy months for me and Janice. Janice was going hard core for her masters course, full of exams, papers, presentations and meetings. It's been pretty crazy with my wife going to uni again, albeit a masters, it's still weird because she's totally in a whole separate world. Anyways, the months were crazy for me because of how one_eighty has been so challenging and stretching for as the leader. For nov-dec the true discipleship series, a series that came from my heart for everyone in one_eighty, was something that I've never done before. I spoke a whole series, 6 instalments, one after another. Since there was no significant drop off in numbers, and no one asking the pastors to fire me, I think went down well.

I look back at my growth and where God has taken myself, janice and my leadership team and it's just amazing to chart the progress and the victories.. There's been our fair share of tears, of failures and of disappointments, but the Lord has been so good, and so faithful.

So yeah... Basically I've been just going for it, and it's been amazing. But let me share where I am and why I'm here. Here is Toronto, Cananda. Why is because my pastors have sent us to receive ministry and training. We're going to be with Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, the famous church of the Toronto blessing.

We've been here for a couple of day it's been very enjoyable. We're staying at a host family bed and breakfast, so we stay in house and every morning have an incredible spread, and milk in a bag (torontonians will understand). We've walked around the area, so we've already been to Tim Hortons twice, subway, the asian flea market... But tomorrow I'm super excited to see an NBA game. We're going downtown baby.

Time for reflection. Being away from HK, the Vine and one_eighty is very difficult for me. don't get me wrong, I love it, I love travelling and I love taking time off, but I always get weird when I leave HKG for extended periods of time. I've only really left twice, once when Janice and I got engaged, and a second for a much needed holiday. Both times we went to Vancouver and both times we stay for over 2 weeks.

Basically, it's fear. I have fears, totally unfounded but nevertheless there, that I'll miss out something. Of course I'll miss out on loads of stuff, but I take a look at myself and I realise I HATE missing out stuff. I love experiencing everything to the max... So missing out a month of church life, one_eighty stuff.. And life in general.. Well.. It's hard for me. of course, there's always the fear of returning to HK and everyone forgetting who janice and I are. I'm sure that'll never happen, right guys?

As much as I'm missing life in HKG, there's a LOT that God is doing here in Toronto. Over the last few years, especially after I started the summer college program, Toronto has been a major area that God has been moving in. The Lord has been brining some amazing people here from all over Toronto back to Hong Kong and so it's just an amazing part of God's plan that I can come here and see the fruit of the program in the people here. Last night I had bubble tea with a few of my key students from when we had our first SCP and it was crazy to see them all going for God and growing well. in two weeks I get to speak at Mike Lau's campus fellowship where I get to see the ministry that Mike has been leading. This is an exciting thing for me because I discipled him while he was in HK almost 3 years ago, then he came back last summer to be one of my leaders, and 6 months later I'm speaking at his fellowship. It's a strategic move as well, since Mike says at least a quarter of the people going to CCF will be going to HKG after they graduate. Since CCF has over 100 people attending, I'm sure this is the Lord plan to further call His servants back to China.

You know, sometimes you labour for the Lord in whatever capacity it may be... Serving, ministry, worship, leadership, greeting, prayer.. WhatEVER it is you do... But isn't it awesome to everyone now and then see some tangible and measurable fruit from that labour? I have and will always believe that one_eighty is a global impacting ministry. I believe it with all my heart, because I just KNOW that the Lord has called us to dream big and to never confine Him to a box, no matter how big that box is. So, being able to come almost exactly to the other side of the world, and to see what some one_eighty'ers are doing to impact their world for Christ... It really blesses and invigorates me to continue burning for Him. It's like this world trip God is saying to Janice and I.. "Keep Going, it's not in vain. You're making an impact. Keep Going". That's awesome. That I can have faith and confidence that when we send out people from HKG that they continue to run with God no matter where they are in the world. But I guess as the leader it's great to be able to see it with my eyes, or experience it for myself.

So anyways, here I sit... Jet lagged out of my head. It's like 6am here, and I've been wide awake since 5am.. Currently it's 7:39pm and I know the evening service for the Vine is packed solid with Rueben Morgan leading worship and Andy G bringing the word. God is good.

So I guess I'll be posting a few times while we're here in Tdot. If there's anyone who's read this far Janice and I would really appreciate your prayers. Prayers that God would really minister to us, speak fresh vision in our lives, encourage us, use us and eventually bring us back safely.

Oh, and if it means anything to you as a friend and reader of this blog, I really appreciate your love and support. thank you.


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