:Reflections of the Canadian Way Pt 1:

Now there's been loads of things that has happened, but I'll only touch on a few things here and there. I've found a powerjack at the Newwark terminal before the flight, so I thought that I'd take the spare time to update this webspace.

Torononto Airport Christan Fellowship (TACF)
So for the last 4 weeks Janice and I attended the TACF School of Ministry (SoM) School of Leaders (SoL). I know that's a mouthful of acronyms but that's the North American Way. TACF has had loads of bad press over the years due to their manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I've even read a website that has recorded some people speaking in tongues from that church and then playing backwards. They tried to prove that these manifestations are from the devil.

Idiots, all of them. But from the very first set of worship during the first day I school, I understood why there was so much anti-vibe.

Let me put in my disclaimer here first and most importantly. TACF and all their affiliate schools go great lengths to not 'force' the holy spirit to move. Not only did they provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere, the pastors explained the external workings of the holy spirit in detail. In scripture it is stated again and again that whenever people had encounters with God they were always afraid, why? Because typically you would die if you had a meeting with the Lord. I thought that was a great point. The pastor said, "It's amazing that they even lived!" ha. Furthermore, think of it like this, if the supernatural connects with the natural and then fully fills the natural vessel (ie. "come fill me Holy Spirit") wouldn't there be some sort of reaction?

Besides from the manifestations, janice and I have received some much needed and deep ministry. There have been times during the school where the lord just revealed some ugly things in my life that I needed to just repent of and let the spirit do surgery on my heart.
It was hard at some points, and I fought it at others, but in the end it was a life changing encounter while also having amazing ministry and encouragement.

one_eighty in Toronto
On Jan 19th, Janice and I were invited to the UofT Chinese Christian Fellowship (UTCCF). Since Mike Lau, an old 180er and one of my original SCPers, was president. I guess through the years I was most excited about speaking to university students and being able to team up with Mike and bless his ministry. Needless to say I was pretty pumped, but I was struggling with a few issues of pride, or fear, of 'works' mentality... But in the end I gave it my all and I believe that the Lord spoke through me. the most amazing thing was after I spoke, janice and i were praying for people and this one kid came to mic. he says, "i normally dont do this, but i felt God move in my heart to go minister to the homeless or anyone on Yong Street."

it was -25 C with windchill. i was like, you're crazy.

about 10 people responded to the call, and in the early evening, in freezing weather, a group of uni students went to share the love of Christ. it was awesome and nothing i could've said made that happen. it was all God.

after the meeting we went to eat and fellowship. it was great hearing the stories of the people, talking about one_eighty and HKG life, giving advice and praying for more people. i'll be blogging about this another time but it was the first time i was a guest speaker like that outside of HKG and it really was strange. all in all it was an amazing night and i have to pray to keep under the plans of Christ for our future.

pt 2 to come later...... stay tuned...


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