:destroying the box that i put God in:

God is using Toronto Airport Church to turn my understanding of Him upside down, inside out, and basically giving revelation after revelation. woooooooooooooooah!

i'm convicted. it's a great thing.

the conviction is simple. i put God in a box. i've always tried to make sure that i never did that, but here i am, having God completely break out of a mould that i've placed him in. it's like over the years i've been christian i've had the attitude that "oh yeah, i know that. i'm ok in that, i know what there is to know about him" sigh...

amazingly arrogant. that's what i believe was revealed to me. it's pretty spectacular how God pains at His children being so prideful. it's like i've been strong because i've seen God move once or twice before and now that he's moving so freely, more than i've ever experienced before.. it's like blowing my mind. for shizzle.

in the almost 2 weeks i've been here i've been challenged to look into the heart of who i am in God, of what being His beloved Son really means. to understand grace... grace for ME and grace for those that follow me.

i have much to repent of when i return to Hong Kong before everyone at one_eighty.

anyways, i'm rambling, but i did want to ask anyone who still reads this site to pray for me. i'm going to speak this friday night (Toronto time) at University of Toronto Chinese Christian Fellowship. my heart is to share what God is doing in Hong Kong, to share my heart for university students as part of my testimony, and to encourage the students to live a life that fully reflects the true Jesus Christ. i dont want to be some crazy awesome speaker, i dont want to have to fill anyone's shoes, or be someone i'm not. all i want to do is share my story, and what God has lay on MY heart... basically, allow me to be humble, to only share what He wants me to share, and to stay within His perfect will. to not desire the platform He has given me, but to simply follow His will. i'm so thankful that Mike has given me the opportunity to share. my prayer is that something happens this friday that sparks young men and women to be so driven by the real redeeming love and grace of Jesus Christ that they are inspired and compelled to action. not because of me or my words, but because the Spirit has so moved in their Hearts and filled their lives that action must come forth. this is my heart. i pray that this message comes across loud and clear.

i've been digesting this notion that God would fly me around the world to receive ministry, but also to speak to His young people. i've always believed that i have a message for these people and that i would be doing this, yet when he called me to do so i immediately was filled with doubt.

doubt be gone in Jesus name.

this friday i will share my years of failure in university, and my revelations in finding Him, yet at the same time hating christians and hating that they have this grace from God. no one ever told me it was mine to have. no one ever told me i'm able to just receive it. isn't that so sad? that the one thing that christians are supposed to be known for is the one thing i never knew i could have for myself. and freely at that! i will share the story of only one christian showing love in a way that i could actually receive. Chrissy Cheung, you're an awesome vessel of the Lord.

sorry everyone, i'm preaching. i'll stop that.

anyways, life here in Toronto has been SO DIFFERENT from life in HK. i can't put a finger on it because there are so many differences, but let's just say that i'm loving spending so much time with Janice, and i love the fact that the Lord is revealing so many new things for me and in me. i'm struggling a little bit being away from one_eighty, the vine, family and basketball for so long, but this is growing and stretching for us, so it's all a great thing of God here. and so with that, i'm out.


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