:do i still have it?:

so last week i was on the way to work, minding my own business. it was clock work as normal, on the ipod, in my own little world. got on the bus... clock work. i hit my stop outside the vine centre... time for work....

so i'm getting off the bus and this woman touches my shoulder.

"hello there, have we met before?"

oh, someone who's been to the vine. i smile and think she's gotta be from church...
"no, i dont think so. have you ever been to my church or one_eighty?"

"excuse me? church?"

what a second, if she's not even heard of the vine......... then....... is she........... PICKING ME UP? you've GOT to be kidding me... let me just make sure.

"its my church across the street over there on the second floor."

she kind of smiles and says, "Oh, no. i work over here in the Centre"

in this awkward moment i felt that she wanted to know my name and possibly have a chat. so i used my wedding band hand to wave at her in an obvious fashion and i said, "well i'm late for work (not true as i was actually early that day), good meeting you (which wasn't true either because we effectively did not meet)"

i quickly walked away thinking, wow, i was just incredibly rude to not even introduce myself to her... maybe we HAVE met once and it was a prime opportunity to share my testimony or the gospel with her.. at least i should've invited her to church...


or maybe she saw the human specimen of muscle and beauty that i am and she just had to walk over and throw herself on me. AHHAHAHAAHHAAHHAA - YEAH BABY YEAH!!! DO I MAKE YOU RANDY BABY????

as i was walking up the escalator i was thinking... I STILL GOT IT BABY!!!!!! good thing Janice snatched up THIS HOT PIECE OF A$$!!!!! (then jesus rebuked me, and my inflating head was popped back to reality. i was standing in front of the mirrored door to the lift and the lord reminded me of my many imperfections, but at least for about 20 steps jesus let me indulge in myself.)

(man, i'm SUCH a lame-o, but it just makes me laugh at my own silliness when i think about this whole episode...)


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