:excitement builds:

sunday nights sermon has been eating at my spirit and mind all week. i'm speaking on Mark 2:1-12.
my revelation? i never needed to be given the strength to quit drugs or turn my own life or receive a miraculous healing. all i needed was my sins to be forgiven. all i needed was to be made whole by the Love of Jesus.

then i had the strength and wholeness to change. and change i did.

God is just so amazing. if you have a chance, please pray for me, and pray for Janice as well as she's working her tail off to get a paper finished today.

what people never realise is that forgiveness is the most powerful aspect of following Jesus. That forgiveness, exhibited by what Jesus Christ did on the cross, has more power than any drug, any weapon, any THING this world has to offer. that is what God has lay on my heart to share this sunday night, and to the whole world for the rest of my life.

i will never relent in sharing His message of grace and sacrificial love. never.


oh.. and happy new year! like my design?


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