i have spent some time with myself tonight... and this is what i came up with.

-i front and i didn't even know it
-i keep things to myself
-i'd rather help others than help myself
-i lack substance
-i'm boring
-i'm overrun by feelings and emotions
-i'm oversensitive
-i'm selfish
-my word doesn't mean much
-i'm a weak person
-i lack faith
-i put others before God
-i dont pray enough
-i smell bad
-i lack confidence
-i worry too much about what others think of me
-i sweat too much
-i'm no good with money
-i'm not who i think i am
-i fart lots
-i have too much pride
-hopeless romantic
-i'm fat
-i flirt too much
-i'm hopeless at making decisions
-i'm no good at talking about my screwups
-i'm too dumb to hold on to the one person i've ever really wanted to keep...

there's more.. but the thing is... there's no where else to go up. i stand on one thing, and that as i am, Jesus loves me more than i love myself. that's a VERY reassuring thought. anyways, must sleep.


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